For Sale

Real items for sale !

My personally worn bras, panties, stockings, nylon, socks, and even shoes and boots are for sale and ready to be shipped your way. I like knowing that I'm spreading my sent everywhere on this planet! 

Most clothing items are worn for a day or more which includes sweaty exercices like: gym time, walking, playtime. As soon as the item comes off me, it is ready to be shipped or delivered.


I sale my spit, my champagne, fingernails and toe nails clipping. Old toothbrush, kleenex, menstrual pads,... If you woul like to buy something from me that I didnt quote, dont be shy and ask me. I'm pretty open minded! 

 Mail order is done through online payment, and your item(s) will be discreetly shipped anywhere worldwide in a discreet bag.


To place an order go to :

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