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Browse through my reviews and submit your own following our meeting . Your review will assist my nervous Subs and give you the opportunity to let me know how much you Worship me...


Spent a few well accommodated hours with selene. Shes very good at accommodating to a persons suspific wants and needs she takes the time to figer out what is exsactly right for you and she is definitly creative in her soulutions to anything that occurs. Worth every penny even came back just to write this reveiw because im That pleased with her services. thanks!

- Cody

5 months ago

excellent service tres ouverte aux fantasme et a les réalisés, tres jolie femme, elle vie sa passion en meme temp que vous elle aime ce qu elle fait dans la réalisation de nos desire de fantasme rien ne l arrete et elle est a l écoute vraiment wow tres satisfait

-  J.R. 

6 months ago

Une femme remarquable.  J'avais remarqué sa présence dans les diverses annonces, mais sans oser la contacter.  Puis je l'ai fait.  J'avais besoin d'exprimer un besoin, un fantasme en moi que je traînais depuis longtemps.  Bien sûr, j'ai été très poli, gentil.  Je ne suis pas un adepte du milieu BDSM, mais j'imagine qu'une femme de cette envergure ne tolérera pas la vulgarité ou l'impolitesse.  Je ne l'ai pas rencontré, jusqu'à présent, tout est par courriel ou vidéos.  En fait, sa présence est tellement charismatique que je me demande si c'est nécessaire de la croiser en personne.  Un simple contact avec elle, peu importe la forme qu'il prend, nous fait comprendre que cette femme est exceptionnelle.  D'une grande beauté aussi, ayant humblement demandé qu'elle me fasse une petite vidéo concernant ma fantaisie bien personnelle ; les premières images m'ont fait tomber de ma chaise. Honnêtement, je suis très content de pouvoir simplement me confier à elle...  TRÈS PROFESSIONELLE.

- C.M.

6 months ago

I discovered the world of tasks and textos session with Mistress Selene. I'm so grateful to be able to worship her even from far away. She's Powerful and creative. Exactly what I needed.

-  beta sub  

7 months ago

A real beautiful mistress, very clean, very passionate. This is my first time to meet her, but I hope to meet again a lot. Thank you my mistress for taking me as one of your submissive. Kisses.

- Kari

7 months ago


I had an amazing session with Mistress Selene. She is a truly professional dominatrix, and her dungeon had vast array of equipment. Before the session we had extensive conversation about my fetishes, and she tailored the session accordingly. I do not go into the details of the activities that we had. As per my request the session was a bit hardcore. The session included whipping, caning, flogging, nipple torture, sissy training, pegging (beginner), ass worship. I must say Mistress Selene did a wonderful job in training me as a sissy. She brought out the feminine vibe in me, and I enjoyed it the most. I am extremely grateful that she gave me this opportunity to be her sub. I definitely plan to see her again. 

- Little sub

8 months ago


What a lovely session with beautiful Mistress Selene. Her passion is contagious and her sensitivity assuring. She tests my limits and finds the sweet spot to gain control. And I loved her to take control. 

9 months ago

 I just finished my first of what I expect will be many sessions with Mistress Selene.  
The dungeon is well equipped and I hope to experience more items in future visits.  Mistress likes to give pain to your limits. Her mix of play his wide and varied. I’m sure there’s more to come and really look forward to exploring this side of me more with the exquisite mix of pain sensuality of Mistress


10 months ago

Mistress Selene brings an intensity to her sessions, but also listens carefully to how  you handle it all. I felt at all times that I was in the hands of an experienced playmate, someone who heard my cues and figured out what I enjoyed, but also made sure I was safe. Her easy smile and laugh made it a perfect session. Thanks, Maitresse.

- Little pasha

10 months ago

Thank dear Mistress 
I had a great  chance to meet MIs Selene  . She is very pretty dominant woman , very smart and good listener. First time I meet a real mistress who can play with and take my mind like that . I got 4 great sessions with her . I am sure I will never stop . I could say She is able to satisfy her wishes and desires as a real Mistress and at the same time satisfy my Wishes as a submissive , Whether you are  first timer or a real slave she can beat you ...She is a real MISTRESS 
Thank you Mistress 

- Robert

a year ago

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