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How To Worship A Goddess

Dernière mise à jour : 30 sept. 2019

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I Am Your GOD, I Am Your Religion

How to properly worship your Goddess

When you let go of yourself and give the control to someone else, you release the tension that you build up in your day to day life and enter another level of feelings. To do a good job Worshipping your Domina, here some good tips: Know your Goddess. Know her preference. ALWAYS be clean. That mean, shower before getting close to her. Make sure you know if she prefers the sub to be shaved or not. Wheter she want you to wait for her orders or if she likes you to perform a ritual. Know her limits and know which parts of her body your not allow to touch .

What it involves

Worshipping a goddess involves worshipping her body : feet, heels/boots, stockings, gloves, ass, skin, panties , lingeries, every body parts she allowed you to worship. The slave even worship everything the Goddess touch: floors, chairs, sofas, her meals, spoons, water in the bathub, you get the picture. And, all the fluids from her body. Worshipping a goddess is giving her what she loves, Show her your a true slave, ready to served her with all your life. You don't need to wait for the next session to worship your Greatness, you can do things that genuinely adds value to her life. That too is worshipping her. ex: ask to be her chauffeur, send her to a restaurant, send her gifts, buy items from her wishlist, do tasks, make her travel!!! Again, know what she love the most. Show her you are doiing the effort to know all about her.

For the domme, being worshipped is satisfying because she knows that she has the power and she is admired by her slave. For the sub, is all about showing his submission to his Goddess. The sub have to let go of all his personal self in order to be worshipping his Goddess with 100% of his capabilities.

So, The Most Important Things To Remember

ALWAYS be clean before getting close to your Goddess, that mean, shower!

in Session: worship her body and everything she touch,

outside of session: Worship her with special thoughts: gifts, trips,

*TIP: look in her Wishlist if she got one!!!

Asking for pemission is always a good thing.

Make sure you know her limits and the body parts she don't allow you to touch.

I command you to worship me

I made you my slave. I recreated you entirely.

I am your Goddess. I am your new religion.

Mistress Selene Pain

twitter; @MaitresseSelene

instagram: @selenepain13


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