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Goddess Pain

100% Me part 1


Me, Myself & I

I started by myself in 2012. I thought at first that I wanted to be an escort. Feeling like a Femme Fatal and geting paid for my presence. But it didnt take me half a year to know that wasnt for me. I am a very picky woman and I don't like to give myself to anybody. So that wasnt for me. But before I quit, I had a client who was a total masochist. The kind of guy who couldnt cum if he wasnt being tortured. I remember sowing his dick to is belly and thinking : I love doing that and I bet not everybody could do that . And on top of it, I looooved it. So one thing lead to another and I stop escorting and started my Dominatrix carriere with my masochist.

I started with publicity sayin' that I'm a sadistic Dominatrix who's lookin for some masochist. I had 2 regulars for awhile and with my busy life I just stop putting advertisement for awhile and stuck with my 2 regulars.

In 2017, a friend of mine start telling me avout a dungeon where I could work at. Before that I was in hotel room or at the house of my regulars. I met the landlady of the dungeon and we both connected. Not long after that, I decided to go all in and I started my own website, I started to advertised every few days, buying some tools, and learning about the world of Dominatrix. I opened my twitter, instagram, facebook , and I was all in.

Since then I realised that it's alot of up and down for sure, but, I really enjoy it. I like to see other Domina older than me that are very successful. I think , more you grow old, more you know what you are doing and how to Dominated any little betas that come in front of you.

Some girls are lying about their age, their life, their experience, their business and lots more. I'm not here to impress anybody.

I learned alot since I started and I keep reading, watching, listening to others.

Being a professionnal Dominatrix help me alot with making a balance into my life.

I enjoy hurting people physically. I'm a very strong woman and I got alot of strenght. I could'nt hurt someone who does'nt want to get hurt but if he's asking for it, well let's go!

More I have masochist subs, more i'm happy. I love cock and balls tortured, needles play, bitting, trampling, spitting in the face, canning till it leaves mark. It make me feel a huge euphorie. I would say as big as the one receiving it probably. It's difficult to mesure that kind of thing but I can say that I find the right job for me.

They pay me so I can do something to them that other can't or won't do. We are all mature adults. Let's trust each others by thinking that everybody know what they want and what they are about to do. I'm not there to judge. Live and let live.

Sissification & Torture

It's all about fantasy, role play, torture, sensuality... We are all humans with needs. Some want it rough, some want to feel, some want to have someone in charge. It's different for everybody. They all need differents fetishes for differents reasons. I'm the actrice on her stage giving a performance. They have their limits and I have mine.

Let's the fun begin!!!!!!!

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