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with Dominatrix Selene Pain

So you're looking for excitement but are not ready to come to the dungeon for a live session or are too far from the dungeon?! It's not a reason not to play! So many options to choose from.

Retweet game

The retweet game is for the FINDOM lover that are on twitter. It's a game about money. You make the rules between the Domina and you before you start the game. You choose the time limit , how many likes and comments from peoples ( ex: 1 comments from subs, illimited from Domina) 1x1x1 1$ for each like, 1$ for each retweet and 1$ for each comments. If you say 12 hours, that mean for the next 12 hours everybody can like, retweet and comments the post and you have to pay your Domina at the end. The Domina will ask you for a deposit at the beginning to make sure your serious about it. And Voilà!!!


The Domina will ask you couples questions to know a little bit about your fetishes and your limits. After that, she will give you a task to execute in a time frame that she will choose.

Texto with or without photos

The texto session can be with or without photos. Usually it will be a little bit more expensive with photos. You set a time frame and start your fantasy together. It can be very exciting to play together with photos coming your way to nourrish your fantasm.

So many games , contact the Goddess and ask her about all the games she can teach you. Unlimited creativities!!!!

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