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Exploring Domination

Dernière mise à jour : 30 sept. 2019

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By Mistress Selene Pain

My love for Domination

kinks are healthy and natural. Life itself is a journey of self-discovery and exploration. We are always trying new stuff and if it feels good and is not hurting anybody ( anybody who is not asking for it ;) ) than everything's good. Kinks are a constructive way to dig into the complicated twists of our psyche and sexuality. It help us relief what need to be let out and all that with consensual adults.

I love the power that is shared between a Domina and a sub.  Together we are sharing a powerful experience. Everybody is there to do a balance with their everyday life. The sub want to relief his self from all responsabilities and control, The Domina is enjoying the role of controling the situation, to do a perfect balance between a world of chaos and unexpected events and her role of controlling her sub to the last details of let him breath or not. The sub is getting to explore his personal sexual boundaries.  I really enjoy making the kinkiest dreams of my subs come to life. More I know my subs, more I can let my imagination run free cause I know their limits, their fantasms and how far they are ready to push their limits. More a sub trust me, more he let me control the situation and let me try new stuff without asking questions. That's when it get really wild and fun.

more a sub trust his Domina, more it gets wild and fun. Trusted is so important in Domination
Shhhhhh, trust me.

Favorite fetishes

My favorite fetishes, it's difficult to say cause I like so many of them, but if I have to choose I will go for the physical side of domination. I'm a strong and sensual woman so people's are choosing me alot for physical fetishes like: cock and balls torture, needles play, wrestling, trampling, senses deprivation and lot's more. I enjoy using my strength.  I love sissification/feminization. I love role plays and sensual tease and denial.

Domination is so much fun when you know your limits.

Common Misconceptions About Domination

People think that Dominants have to always be mean.  A dominant figure can be nurturing, it can smile too. The important thing is to be firm and strict. Your subs have to respect you and know where the limits are. Everything have to be really clear if you want them to behave. Mother figures are the first true Dominant figures in our lives, but their true character is someone who lets us explore our world in safety. A good Domina is always there for her subs. She have to make sure that everything is safe and won't hurt her subs physical and psychological health. At the end of the day, everybody want to have fun and to fulfill their needs without getting hurt ( you know what I mean ). Your suppose to feel better , not worst. The Domina have to make sure that the sub in front of her is mentally balance and aware of his limits.

All about the attitude

Tips for Domination exploration

Education is vital.  Learn as much as you can about the fetishes you want to try. You want to make sure to play without the risk of physical, mental or emotional harm.  Don't go too fast, take the time to do it right. You won't get a second chance to do a good first impression. knowledge is power. A good Domina is a wise Domina. And learn from other great Domina, let's help each other grow. Strong women are women who support each other.

Mistress Selene Pain

twitter; @MaitresseSelene

instagram: @selenepain13


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