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Welcome to MY World, the world of FEMDOM.

The world in which men exist only to satisfy MY desires.


When you enter my World, leave your ego, pride and dignity at the door. Forget about your manhood and having any power and control. Come in complete surrender and bow in front of me in total devotion and obedience. I make the rules, and disobedience will be punished really harshly. You will suffer...and I will enjoy it...if you are ready to submit to a powerful and sensual WOMAN, read on.

In My presence you will feel overwhelmed by My beauty. My femininity will make you feel weak. Kneeling down in front of Me will make you shiver and tremble, unable to control yourself.I will stir up your passions and desires, manipulating you into complete surrender. This in itself is enough to make you follow My orders and obey each and every command. 

I am an expert in dominating and re-educated male creatures. I have a vast experience with  controlling and subjecting many different types of servants and slaves. Whether you are wired as a masochist or a fetish enthusiastic, a mere submissive worshipper of My beauty or a natural born slave, I will soon know you better than you know yourself and make use of this. In My presence you will experience how much I enjoy controlling, dominating and re-educating you.

My word is law here and any disobedience will be

punished harshly.

Slowly and delicately I will bring to consciousness

everything you once were. I will erase all your selfish

dreams and misconceptions about Female Supremacy.

With an insinuating look in My eyes, whispering dissolute

words in your ears, I will casually show you your

nothingness. Once you thought you were the

master of your body and soul. These are perverted

illusions and as such serious crimes against FEMDOM.

Once enlighted by My harsh and sadist invasions,

you will feel bright and light like a butterfly. I will bewitch

you and crush any memory of you having a will of your

own. The only thing that will matter to you is that I am

pleased and satisfied by your absolute submission.

Begging Me to allow you to suffer for Me, your soul will be in agony and your flesh will be in pains. Begging Me to devour you, I will humiliate you and transform you to into an object of use to My liking.The more you resist and the more you hold on to your present existence, the more you will suffer. Once you let go, you will experience redemption. Liberated, you are then reborn as My humble and obedient slave and servant. A new and better creature, totally addicted to Me. Dependent on Me, an extension of My strong will.

I have a desire for money, your money. Serve Me by serving My needs. You take pride in serving a true Goddess. I like the finest things in life and I am worthy of your finances. You will contribute to me on a regular basis. Just imagine having to pay for My most intimate and sexy purchases, knowing that your hard earned cash is going to a far better cause than your own boring and pathetic needs. Imagine paying for my night on the town with my dates! You will receive instruction from me by email or telephone, and if you are especially and regularly generous to me I just might  set you a little humiliating task to perform. Become my pathetic beta  slave cuckold, you know its your destiny! You are born to be my little pay pig, my little money slave!











PayPig Application

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Bad Ass Bitch

Merci ! Message envoyé.

Fill in and email to with a $200 Amazon GC.  Or, if you are in Canada, you can send me an e-transfert  interac to my email. Or donate via my paypal account:

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