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Pimptress - Sissy Slut trainer

I love to sissified men. I love to make them look like little slut and make them behave like total whores. Usually they are pretty good at it from the beginning. Like  if they where born to be little bitches.

First, i will break you. Then, i will bend you to my will and shape you for my entertainment. You will be proud to be permitted to serve me as a sissy. You will become addicted to the honour and the total humiliation that come out of it. You will get to love my cold and arrogant side as much as my almost loving and guiding one. With me, you can feel like a woman and be yourself. The more you open up to me and let me know whats your deepest desires  and most intimates fantasies, the more you will enjoy my strict and masterful sissy training. 

Whether your young or old, i will turn any men into a sissy! Beginners or experienced cross-dressers are welcomes cause every sissy is different and i'll take the time to get to know what kind of little slut you are and the result is always unique.

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